Is Sunscreen Overrated? | Summer Skin Care Guide

Entering the summer season, many of you may be wondering if you should wear sunscreen. Our society has conditioned us to be afraid of the sun and to overuse sunscreen. As a result, people are missing out on important health benefits of sun exposure. On top of that, many of the sunscreens that are available on the market contain harmful chemicals.


4 Benefits of Sun Exposure

  1. Vitamin D - UVB rays stimulate production of vitamin D. Low vitamin D levels have been correlated with to everything from bone health to cancer, autoimmune disease, diabetes & other illnesses.

  2. Better Sleep - Sunlight during the day helps your pineal gland to produce more melatonin at night to help you sleep.

  3. Happiness - Sunlight boosts serotonin production, one of the key chemicals in the brain that promotes happiness and wards off depression and seasonal affective disorder.

  4. Lowers Blood Pressure - researchers have found when sunlight touches the skin, it triggers the release of a chemical called nitric oxide into the blood vessels, causing them to relax and lower blood pressure.


Best Practices for Summer Sun Safety

  1. Get 5-30 minutes of sunlight before applying sunscreen.

  2. Never stay in the sun long enough to burn.

  3. Boost your intake of antioxidants. Fresh vegetables, fruits- raspberries, blackberries, goji berries, blueberries, açaí contain important nutrients that help to protect your skin from damaging effects of sun exposure.

  4. Don’t forget to protect the kids while they’re at summer camp or outside playing sports. A large Scandinavian study of melanoma risk published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, showed adolescence is the most dangerous time to get a sunburn.

  5. Steady instead of sudden - Many research studies have shown suddenly getting a lot of sun exposure is more dangerous than moderate amounts on a steady basis.

Being smart about sun exposure is one of the biggest ways you can prevent your skin from aging prematurely. The key is balance.

Summer Skin Care Tips

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1. Sunscreen. A mineral-based, full spectrum sunscreen can provide lightweight daily protection.  If you are looking for a good sunscreen with clean ingredients, one of our favorites is Epionce Ultra Shield Lotion SPF 50. It goes on sheer on all skin skin tones with no chalky white residue!  

2. Lightweight moisturizer. Oil production tends to increase in the summer, but you still need to properly hydrate your skin.   Excess oil on the skin is often a sign of dehydration. Those with oily skin or are more oily in the summer should use a lightweight moisturizer that hydrates without adding shine.  

3. Acne spot treatment.  Acne can be a big issue in the summer due to a spike in summer oil production combined with chlorine and sweat.  Adding a professional grade acne spot treatment to your warm weather skin care routine can help keep unwanted summer breakouts at bay. 

4. Travel sizes of your favorite hot weather skin care items are essential for any summer vacation.  Travel size products are easy to throw in your suitcase. Plus, even if you don’t have travel plans, they’re the perfect size to take to the gym, the beach or to just have in your purse.