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Holistic Dermatology & Functional Medicine

Our approach is focused in identifying the root causes and healing skin conditions from the inside out such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, vitiligo & others.

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Functional Medicine & Lifestyle Programs

We use cutting edge technology to pinpoint root causes behind autoimmunity, skin conditions, hair loss, digestive disorders, hormone imbalance and develop personalized recommendations

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Offering professional grade supplements, natural skin care technology, food sensitivity testing. Products offered have met rigorous quality standards to ensure pure ingredients, accurate labeling etc.

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Top rated functional health practice in Chicago's South Loop. Focused in holistic dermatology & autoimmunity.




Dr. Shayna’s Transition from Conventional to Integrative Dermatology

As a medical student gaining exposure in dermatology, I saw many patients with severe autoimmune skin conditions. I was devastated by the treatment options that were available to them because many of them had very harmful effects. As a doctor, I wanted to be to offer my patients safer treatment options that would address the root cause. My experiences lead me to functional medicine and continue to fuel my passion for helping people with complex skin conditions and autoimmune disorders.



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