Stay Gluten & Dairy Free While Traveling | 6 Easy Tips


When it comes to traveling while you’re following a special diet, If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. These easy gluten-free travel tips will have you prepared and keep you from having set backs while you’re out of town.

  1. Meal plan while you’re packing. Think about what you’re going to eat before you arrive at your destination.

  2. Inquire at your hotel before you arrive. Believe or not some hotels do have gluten free bread and pasta alternatives in their restaurants. You don’t know until you ask.

  3. Book accommodations that give you access to a refrigerator at the very least; if there’s a microwave or kitchenette even better.

  4. Pack packaged items. i.e. gluten free oatmeal, crackers, trail mix, dried fruit, protein shake. If you only have a coffee maker in your hotel and no gluten free restaurant options, at the very least you’ll be able to make gluten free oatmeal for breakfast or a protein shake . You don’t know what your environment will be when you get there or what food will be available, so you have to come prepared with healthy options.

  5. Locate your nearest health food store. When you arrive at your destination, you’ll be able to pick up specialty items like gluten free bread, non-dairy milk, and often times pre-cooked items that be store in a refrigerator and heated up.

  6. Research restaurants in the area you will be visiting before you arrive. WIth a quick Opentable or google maps search with the name of the city or zip code, you’ll be able to find restaurants in the area, shopping centers, and identify places to eat that you are familiar with.

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