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In our online wellness store,  you will find high quality professional grade supplements and natural skin care products.  Convenient ordering outside of appointments, so we can maximize the appointment time reserved just for you!  Personalized e-prescriptions can be accessed at the Fullscript button below in addition to a variety of professional products Dr. Peter uses personally and with her patients.  Flexible Spending Accounts can be used for most products.


All Supplements Are Not Created Equal

With health & wellness continuing to increase in popularity, new companies continue to surface offering health products.  What this means is you have to be educated as the buyer.  The sad truth is only a small fraction of supplements on the market are high quality.  Drugstores are particularly notorious for selling poor quality vitamin and herbal supplements that contain cheap fillers, poorly absorbed ingredients, and/or little to none of the advertised ingredient.

All products offered through our online store have met rigorous quality standards to ensure pure ingredients, quality formulations, accurate labeling, & temperature appropriate storage.

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All I Need is The Air That I Breathe  

Whether we realize it or not, air is a determinant of health, and indoor air pollution is a huge problem in today's world.  Research has found the quality of air in our homes and offices to be 3 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air.  Recent studies have also linked air pollution to high blood pressure and heart disease.

Air purification is particularly helpful for allergies, asthma, bronchitis, smoke, odors.  Breathing clean air is a health benefit for everyone.

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