"I had been dealing with what I thought was hormonal acne for a few years and had tried everything to combat it. I was sick of seeing a dermatologist or esthetician that just recommended different skin products. I was relieved to find Dr. Peter, someone that would help get to the root cause of the issue. She has been very thorough and has good recommendations to help get to the root cause of the issue. I would definitely recommend her!"



"After suffering from severe eczema and searching for doctors that specialize in natural therapy; I am ecstatic to say I found Dr. Peter. Dr. Peter listens attentively, assesses the root cause of your condition, and provides the best practical solution for your skin care needs. If you are open to alternative treatment, she is definitely one of the best holistic doctors in the Chicagoland area."  

~ M. Carter


"I went for an initial consultation for thyroid health and hormone balance. After doing several tests that Dr. Peter's recommended, she discovered that I had anxiety and the potential cause. I had been dealing with anxiety for many years and had been dealing with it on my own without treatment. In fact, I had never mentioned my anxiety to her at my initial consult. She recommended supplements to help treat both anxiety and other issues. After several months of treatment, my anxiety is completely gone. It's been years since I've felt this good. I highly recommend her services."

~ Mari


After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I began searching for methods to improve my quality of life. I was referred to Dr. Peter by my cousin and upon hearing how great of an experience my cousin had, I immediately made an appointment. Dr. Peter is very attentive and has a warm, caring personality. She listened to my concerns and explained all her rationale for the personalized treatment plan that she created for me. Since then I have been feeling more energetic, optimistic and I am regaining my strength. I want to thank Dr. Peter and would recommend her to anyone in Chicago and surrounding areas searching for holistic healthcare options.



I feel grateful to have found Well Ahead Solutions  and Dr Shayna Peters after becoming dissatisfied with my general practitioners who would only cover up my health issues by prescribing one more drug. Dr  Peters has helped me while I have been suffering from a weakened immune system and many residual effects.  She has educated me, given me great references, and has made me work for my own health and take ownership of my own care. She has been patient beyond belief.  …. I'm lucky to have Dr Peters on my team!