Holistic Dermatology & Natural Skincare


Videoconference consults available for clients outside of the Chicago area.


A holistic approach focused in identifying root causes behind skin conditions in order to achieve long term relief.  Health history, comprehensive laboratory assessment is used in order to make personalized lifestyle, nutrition, herbal and/or nutritional supplement recommendations that will start you on the path to wellness.  Click here to learn more about functional medicine.


Skincare products formulated with natural ingredients to target specific skin concerns and provide relief without causing irritation.  All skin care products recommended are research-based.

IMPORTANT: Our services are not a substitute for conventional dermatological care. No medications are prescribed. No diagnostic nor surgical procedures are performed. If you have an undiagnosed skin condition, we recommend first seeing a board-certified dermatologist or your primary care physician.  If you're in need of a referral we can connect you with one our conventional dermatology partners.

Skin conditions we help with naturally include but are not limited to:


Alopecia/ Hair loss

Autoimmune skin conditions


Hidradenitis Suppurativa


Lichen Planus



Seborrheic Dermatitis 

Shingles (post-shingles recovery)

Vitiligo & others

Ready to address the root cause of your skin concerns?

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The holistic approach to dermatologic care is about understanding the whole person and correcting the internal imbalance that is triggering the skin reaction.