Holistic Dermatology & Natural Skincare


Offering natural treatment options for chronic skin conditions that digs deep to address the underlying cause.  Our approach is to provide a comprehensive approach to improve skin health from the inside out.  Our goal is always to offer the least invasive options necessary for the desired results.  Our process begins by identifying factors in a person's lifestyle and medical history that could be contributing to their skin condition. Testing may be recommended in order to assist in developing more targeted recommendations and accelerate healing. 

IMPORTANT: If you have an undiagnosed skin condition, we recommend first seeing a board-certified dermatologist or your primary care physician

Skin conditions we work with include but are not limited to


Autoimmune skin conditions


Hair loss





Seborrheic Dermatitis 

Shingles (post-shingles recovery)

Vitiligo & others

The naturopathic/functional medicine approach to skin conditions is less about the diagnosis and more about identifying the internal imbalance that is triggering the skin reaction.

Questions about how we can help you? Health education consults available if outside of Illinois