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Anti-Aging From the Inside Out: All About Detoxification

Learn how to support your anti-aging efforts with detoxification. In this workshop you’ll learn about

  • Benefits of detoxification for healthy skin aging

  • Benefits of detoxification for chronic health conditions

  • Daily strategies to minimize your exposure to toxins

  • Specialty testing available to measure your toxic load

  • Natural methods to support your body’s natural ability to detoxify

When it comes to supporting the body and supporting healthy aging from the inside out, we've got you covered! Space is limited. Claim your spot today! 

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Nutrition for Healthy Skin: Anti-Aging From the Inside Out
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Nutrition for Healthy Skin: Anti-Aging From the Inside Out

Looking to maintain your youthful appearance? Wanting to know what you can do naturally?

Whether you’re in your 30s noticing the 1st signs of aging or your 50s and beyond combating fines lines .... This workshop is for you!

Join Functional Medicine Doctor & Holistic Dermatology expert, Dr. Shayna Peter and Registered Dietitian, Christine Dyan Thomson for an eye-opening workshop on holistic anti-aging methods.

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