What is Holistic Dermatology?


Holistic dermatology applies the principles of holistic medicine principles to skin, hair, and nail conditions. 

Let’s take a step back and define these terms

  • Dermatology - medical treatment of skin, hair & nails conditions

  • Holistic refers to the whole person, harmonizing the body, mind, spirit, and emotions -- helping the people achieve optimal health and wellness

In holistic dermatology we look at skin as the messenger, a signal of an internal imbalance that has to be looked into

With a common skin condition like eczema as an example 

  • Conventional approach - eczema is seen as a skin reaction caused by an overactive immune system that should be treated with a steroids - topical or oral

  • Holistic approach- is also seen as a reaction from the immune system. Instead only prescribing a cream we would dig deeper to identify what is causing their immune system to be out of balance.

    • Natural treatments would then be used to support and balance the immune response. Natural skin products may also be recommended for immediate relief

    • We don’t look at a skin condition as an isolated symptom

    • The goal is always to treat root cause and heal the condition vs. managing with a prescription.

A holistic approach can be particularly helpful for people that have chronic skin conditions that have not responded well to conventional treatment.  We work with them to identify the root cause of their skin condition and develop a strategy to guide them through the healing process.

This information is not intended to be against conventional dermatology.  Conventional dermatology definitely has it's place.  Holistic dermatology and conventional dermatology can actually compliment each other very well.  We believe it is important for people to have access to safer treatment options with minimal adverse effects.   

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Are you dealing with a persistent skin condition and ready to start healing from the inside out? 

Dr. Peter works with clients locally and does health education consults for clients living outside of Illinois.