How to Reverse Multiple Sclerosis with Functional Medicine

Thinking of giving into Multiple Sclerosis?  Read this first

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Multiple sclerosis (MS)  affects approximately 2.5 million globally yet is a poorly understood autoimmune condition in the medical community.  Each week, it’s estimated that over 200 Americans are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  This debilitating condition occurs when the immune system attacks myelin, a coating that surrounds the nerves of the brain and spinal cord.

Those affected can experience muscle weakness, difficulty walking, frequent urination, poor balance, blurred vision, fatigue.  Multiple sclerosis symptoms vary from one person to another and can be mild to severe depending on the subtype and stage of the condition.


Do Environmental Toxins Cause Multiple Sclerosis?  

Studies conducted indicate a strong link between environmental factors and multiple sclerosis. Significant exposure to heavy metals, organic solvents, cigarette smoke & other pollutants has been found in research studies to be correlated with development of multiple sclerosis.  Acrolein, an environmental toxin found in tobacco and air pollutants, has been shown to trigger multiple sclerosis in mice.  

Clinically,  individuals with multiple sclerosis are found to have a significant toxic load of one or more of the toxins mentioned above utilizing laboratory testing with urine, hair and stool samples in order to the assess toxic load of the individual.


A Functional Medicine Approach to Multiple Sclerosis

Early intervention is key.  This condition is triggered by several factors, such as toxin exposure, nutrient deficiencies, infections, hormonal imbalances, mitochondrial function, leaky gut, leaky blood brain barrier etc. Those affected can experience improvement in their symptoms and overall health by incorporating a  naturopathic functional medicine approach.

Nutrient status and MS are strongly correlated.  Vitamins such as cobalamin (B12), pantothenate (B5), riboflavin (B2), Vitamin K are required for production of myelin.  Deficiencies in these nutrients are correlated with multiple sclerosis and can be confirmed by laboratory testing.  Functional medicine takes all of these factors into account in order to identify and treat the root cause.  Improvement in symptoms can be experienced and prevention of progression of the disease.


At our clinic, we help individuals that have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis improve their condition with a functional medicine approach.  Contact Well Ahead Health Solutions for more information.  Virtual consults available.


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