Got Milk? Got Eczema? : The Eczema-Dairy Connection

Are you one of the 40 million Americans that suffer from Eczema?  Or are you everyone else that knows someone suffering from eczema?  The good news is that advances in medical research have given us new insights into the eczema puzzle, and the great news is you can get relief from eczema NATURALLY!  

Like many medical conditions, eczema can be triggered by a number of factors -emotional, environmental, dietary etc. So the bottom line is - your diet has everything to do with your eczema.  One of the most important factors to solving the eczema puzzle is looking at digestion and identifying food sensitivities.  The most common ways to identify food sensitivities are through doing a structured elimination diet  or doing a food sensitivity test that looks for inflammatory responses to a variety of foods.

Dairy is a common food sensitivity among eczema sufferers.   There are two types of protein found in dairy: whey & casein.  Casein is considered to be the more "allergenic" of the two proteins, which means people more commonly have a sensitivity to casein.  Their sensitivity is a result of casein not being fully broken down by their digestive system. When this happens, it can cause damage to the delicate tissue that lines the intestines and trigger an immune response that manifests as eczema.  Many eczema sufferers find relief by limiting dairy consumption.


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