Hidden Risk Factors for Heart Disease: A Not So Silent Killer

So you had normal cholesterol and normal triglycerides at your last doctor's visit. You're in the clear! No heart attacks in sight! Right? WRONG!!!  According to a recent UCLA study from 75% of patients hospitalized for heart attacks and strokes have normal LDL cholesterol level, which means other markers should be measured to fully evaluate you heart disease risk.  

According to consensus statements from the American Diabetes Association (2008), Canadian Cardiovascular Society (2009), National Lipid Association (2011), and American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (2012) cholesterol particle numbers are more predictive of heart disease risk than cholesterol levels.

What does all this mean? The standard lipid panel is used in conventional medicine to determine you risk for heart disease.  The problem is there is a gap between the people with normal cholesterol levels and the people that have strokes/heart attacks. What this tells us is simply looking at total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides is NOT ENOUGH!  This is where an advanced heart health test comes in, which many functional medicine doctors are beginning to implement. 

What's the bottom line? Based on the most current research, the standard cholesterol panel is not enough to accurately determine heart disease risk. Heart disease is not the silent killer it used to be based on the most current research.

A functional medicine naturopathic doctor can do an advanced heart health testing to help you determine your risk for heart disease and make recommendations for prevention.  Schedule an appointment  or contact Well Ahead Health Solutions for further inquiries.   


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